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AfterShock :: Marine Life Saving Pillow, 2010

sheep's wool, alpaca fleece, dog hair, nylon tights, plastic mesh, cable tie's, 127" x 52" x 38

FEATURED in 2010 Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn NY

AfterShock is a site-specific work referencing a 1923 US pillow patent called the “Marine Life Saving Pillow” which was originally used as a flotation device so people would not drown. My project called AfterShock is a 21st Century version of the “Marine Life Saving Pillow” aiding in saving Marine Life from oil spills.

The over 200 Marine Life Saving Pillows are made from brightly colored tights stuffed with alpaca fleece and sheep’s wool covered in orange mesh, creating an extravaganza of color. They look like sea anemone which are threatened by human impact. The technique used to create this project was inspired by oil absorbent "hair booms" fabricated by Matter of Trust to collect oil in the Gulf Coast oil spill clean up efforts. AfterShock was conceived to raise awareness about the ongoing effects of the oil spill, the perilous state of our oceans, and as a reminder of our dependence on fossil fuel. 

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