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Between The Trees, Communal Vortex Weaving 
October 8, 2023 at the O+ Festival
Old Dutch Church
272 Wall St, Kingston, NY

Between the Trees, Communal Vortex Weaving at the Old Dutch Church during the O+ Festival.  Three rope hammocks hung between three trees as a sculptural loom in the church yard. Participants used ultra colorful hand dyed strips of up-cycled cotton sheets to weave into the ready-made hammock loom.

Communal Vortex Weaving is a sculpture created in a community that functions as meditation, mediation, and connection by bringing people together. It develops spatial literacy and probes the potential energy generated through art-life processes by weaving in community, sharing skills, and envisioning with others the kind of future we strive to collectively shape. In an age of socio-environmental disruption and uncertainty, collaboration becomes a radical act. By infusing our actions with purpose, together we can craft a healthier, more regenerative sustainable world. Communal Vortex Weaving is a fun, inclusive artmaking activity that works as a method for bringing communities together.

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