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Linda Mary Montano performing CHICKENARAMA: 7 CHICKEN DANCES
for Re:Seed Saugerties an art and soil building social sculpture :: 2016

"CHICKENARAMA: Maybe it was Thich Nhat Hanh who suggested we walk with "love" on the bottom of our feet so that we can practice inner peace? In the early 70's, most likely inspired by the American Indian Sacred Chicken Dances, I donned an improvisational Chicken Linda costume and "danced" Chicken Dances for years, photographed by my husband Mitchell Payne. Suddenly/recently the urge to re-Chicken Dance has emerged and to faux Chicken Move with Love on the Bottom of my Feet and am excited to be invited by Jennifer Zackin to participate in Re:Seed Saugerties an Art/Soil Building Project and move with awareness in this earth honoring experience."
Linda Mary Montano

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