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Coca Bird :: 2006

A wall installation containing several hundred coca leaves creating an image of an pre-Columbian bird symbol.

My life in Peru has influenced both my life and my art. The coca plant in Peru is a very sacred plant for example traditionally when people gather socially or for a government meeting they chew coca together. It acts like a communion, a social ritual of coming together, a blessing for that meeting. My Coca bird is a personal symbol and logo which I’ve used in other works. My wish is that anyone that views the Coca Bird will feel a sense of belonging.

Coca Bird

Killamanta Kutimusaq Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum Ridgefield, CT 2006
Pachamama Hanaqpacha K’anchay ICPNA Cusco, Peru 2004 
Mandala Alianza Francesa de Lima PERU 2004 


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