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COMMUNAL VORTEX WEAVE @ Arts Letters and Numbers :: 2019
In July at Arts, Letters and Numbers in Averill Park NY we begin a group weave with the THESIS summer residents and continued weaving with participant's at the July Open Studio event.

VORTEX WEAVERS: Taofeek Abijako, Ira & Nadine Baumgarten, Evan Burgess, Hyunbee Chan, Renee Cheesman, Diane DeBlois, Aniebietabasi Ekong, Adriano Ethymiadis, Frida Foberg, David Gersten, Sarv Gersten, Anais Hazo, Jenny Hsiao, Dewen Ju, Jesse Kreuler  Sophia Krupsha, Alice Momm, Carolina Munoz, Jennifer Park, Victoria Putterman, Josephine Saabye, Betty Siedhof, Noah Silver, Zubin Singh, Ginger Tepper & family, Adela Wagner, Pedro Wainer, Leah Ying Lin & Jennifer Zackin. Photography - Pedro Wainer

Mathematically speaking, a torus is a three-dimensional ring or doughnut shaped-object around which energy can flow. As it spins, a vortex forms through its central axis. This pattern can be found throughout the universe in hurricanes, galaxies, and 

atoms. Nikola Tesla's experiments with energy employed the torus in the development of his famous coil. Thinking this way, Collective Vortex Weaving becomes an inquiry into the potential energy generated through art-life processes.


The Vortex Weave is a process for bringing people together, evolving spatial literacy and expanding the potential energy generated through weaving. Weaving in community provides the opportunity to embody with others the kind of future we strive to collectively shape.  By infusing our actions with purpose, together we can craft a healthier, more regenerative world.

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