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Hanaqpacha Intiq Sombran :: 2004

U.S. Armed Forces Parachute
and pom poms


Mariano Quispe Flores
Santiago Quispe Qhapaq
Benito Apaza Lunasco
Lorenzo Qhapaq Apaza 
Nicolas Flores Apaza

Jennifer initiated this installation while living in Cusco in 2004 and brought an Air Force military parachute to Peru from the United States specifically for this work. Mariano, Santiago, Benito, Lorenzo and Nicolas who are from the Q'ero Nation collaborated by creating over a 1000 pom poms.  The pom poms are traditionally used in the "ch'ullos" (hats) that the men weave from the Q'ero Nation. To the Q'ero the parachute represented  "Inti" (the sun), as it is a major symbol in their belief system. We created the Inti pattern they traditional use in their textiles on the parachute with the pom pom’s that can only be viewed from standing below the parachute.

Pachamama Hanaqpacha K’anchay  ICPNA. Cusco, Cusco Peru 2004
Killamanta Kutimusaq  Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. Ridgefield, CT 2006

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