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La Ofrenda :: 2008
aluminum, burlap coffee bags, medicinal plants, stones, shells, seaglass

Cultivate//Badlands, MASSMoCA @ Berkshire Botanical Gardens, Stockbridge, MA 

The stones from the stone pile are gathered from sites in each direction out from the botanical gardens this gathering represents my deep connection to nature. 


The Offering Station is made of metal and upcycled burlap coffee bags.  Medicinal plants were placed at the base of the sculpture and grew over time to cover it. In strategically placed “pockets” built into the offering station were shells and colored stones. Participants were invited to take medicinal plants home with them from the offering station and to transport and offer the small stones and shells to my large stone sculpture (cairn).


This sculpture is complicated because it is multi faceted and secret to me. My intention is to not only work with the invisible ley lines but to also allow participants to collaborate with my love of nature and its unfathomable mysteries.
My personal strength is spirit of generosity this sculpture becomes a teaching tool ... giving nature to nature is what is being taught.

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