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On The Grounds, 2022 

Is the second in a series of outdoor installations that present the work of Hudson Valley based artists in the landscape surrounding Al Held’s studio complex at The Al Held Foundation in Boiceville, NY. Curated by Alyson Baker and organized by the River Valley Arts Collective.  This exhibition features new works by Jennifer Zackin, Irja Bodén, Moko Fukuyama.  

Zackin began hand-knotting Through the Veil (2022) while in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru, completed both works in her Hudson Valley studio, and selected a setting at the Al Held Foundation grounds that is commensurate with the high-voltage beauty of the previous locations. Through the Veil (2022) is tethered between the trees where Held’s hammock used to be. Viewed obliquely, it appears like an opaque sheet of cross barred neon colors; straight-on, one sees the cords bisecting and framing foliage on the other side. Day Glow Constellation (2022) envelops vintage lawn chairs and cascades down as a skirt around the Held family’s picnic table. The patterns and clever interplay of colors emerging from both works are the products of Zackin’s intuition. Indeed, not unlike the mosses, lichens, and trees present in this location, her work seems to emerge organically and spontaneously in response to subtle and mysterious signals to which she is uniquely attuned.

- Through the Veil, snake knot net, 2700’ paracord, 10’x10’x1/8”, 2022

- Day Glow Constellation, woven, knotted, wrapped mom and dad chair and chaise lounge with skirt, 

   Paracord, various thickness, 76” x 64” x 42”, 2022

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