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Linda Mary Montano with Jennifer Zackin & Nina Isabelle

HiLo Catskill, NY


"During these dangerous / confusing / armageddonned times, we are all looking for connection, understanding and warmth. The three of us are committed to providing public art medicine. ART=LIFE=ART" Linda Mary Montano. For our PIANO PORTRAITS event at HiLo, we invite audience member-collaborators to sit in a chair on stage to receive a public art healing. Linda Mary Montano will improvise your piano portrait, Nina Isabelle will interpret you through action / movement, and Jennifer Zackin will tie knots. Using knots and rope, sunglasses, costumes, blindfolds, action, movement, and sound, we will publicly heal ourselves and you. ART HEALS!

Performance documentation photos by Adolfo Ibanez Ayerve
Event photo by Carrie Dashow

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