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COMMUNAL VORTEX WEAVE @ The Three Phase Center :: 2019

The first inquiry into a communal vortex weave was held on February 23, 2019 at Three Phase Center in Stone Ridge, NY, with 10 visionary Hudson Valley women.

We dissolved time by performing a group action/ritual in which three hours became a dance of no time creating a technicolor torus.

Vortex Weavers: Ernest Goodmaw, Nina Isabelle, Jennifer Zackin, Vicki Stern, Valerie Sharp, Havarah Zawoluk, Linda Mary Montano, Alison Beth Levy, Jennifer Lewis Bennett & Jill Mcdermid   

Photography – Amelie Jones and Nina Isabelle

Mathematically speaking, a torus is a three-dimensional ring or doughnut shaped-object around which energy can flow. As it spins, a vortex forms through its central axis. This pattern can be found throughout the universe in hurricanes, galaxies, and atoms. Nikola Tesla's experiments with energy employed the torus in the development of his famous coil. Thinking this way, Collective Vortex Weaving becomes an inquiry into the potential energy generated through art-life processes.


The Vortex Weave is a process for bringing people together, evolving spatial literacy and expanding the potential energy generated through weaving. Weaving in community provides the opportunity to embody with others the kind of future we strive to collectively shape.  By infusing our actions with purpose, together we can craft a healthier, more regenerative world.

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